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Affiliate disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and some other Online Marketing Regulating Bodies require that we disclose to our readers any relationship that we have between a product manufacturer or a service provider when we are blogging about a product or service, so here are our operating guidelines to help you understand and clarify this relationship.

  • We do not accept any payment to do a review. We do not get paid to do reviews and if someone attempts to pay us, we refuse to review the product or service. We spend a lot of time researching storage sheds market and we only write about our own opinions, experiences and thoughts on the subject.
  • If we do review and recommend a product, it is our sincere belief that the product is good. If we provide a link to this product or service in the review, we sometimes, but not always, get paid a small commission if you purchase the product or service from the affiliate link.
  • The posts are never composed for the purpose of promoting a specific advertiser, if we genuinely do not believe in their product or service.
  • We provide FREE Classifieds section to private individuals. We are able to finance the support and maintenance of ¬†this free service by receiving a small commission when someone clicks on a Google Ad placed under a FREE classified ad. We have no influence over the content of the ads that are placed by Google. We only provide space on our website to display them.


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