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Wooden Sheds – How to build a portable base for your garden shed?

A wooden base for a garden shed

A wooden base for a garden shed

Sometimes your garden shed is just a temporary structure and you need to have an option of moving it easily. This is where a wooden base for your shed becomes the best option.

The base, once constructed,  is fastened into the ground (i.e. grass or soft soil) with metal posts. A wooden base is not suitable for every shed and every ground condition. It is best suited to smaller sheds, as the wooden base does not have the same weight bearing capabilities as a concrete base.

A wooden base would not be suited to conditions where the ground is wet, soft  or very uneven. If the ground is wet, the base will rot quickly and your shed may collapse. For wet, uneven or soft ground, concrete pillars or concrete slab are  a much better option.

Portable shed base kits

Waltons offers a portable shed base kit – Portabase. The base is available in a variety of sizes, from 6′ x 4′  to 10′ x 8′.  The Portabase is made of pressure treated timbers .  The Portabase provides inexpensive, hassle free and incredibly easy to assemble shed base solution. Just watch the video below.


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